Welcome to Gangnam Lynnwood Korean Restaurant

Korean food is about two things: quality and tradition. At the Gangnam Korean Restaurant, we take pride in offering both of these. Every one of our dishes is a product of love. Love for great tasting food, love for Korean culture, and love for our customers. We want to keep our menu affordable so that everyone can enjoy and share the love of Korean food that we serve at our Lynnwood Korean restaurant.

When you visit our restaurant, you will be surrounded by the aroma of Korean food and of course, our friendly staff who will greet you with a big smile. Gangnam is a great place to eat with friends, family and colleagues. You don’t want to miss our lunch specials!

Korean Food at Gangnam

One bite and you’ll discover why Korean food has been skyrocketing in popularity across the globe. Here you will find the unique blend of hearty spices, delectable meats, and fresh produce that has people talking about and eating Korean food. And Korean food is famous for more than its great taste; it’s also widely considered to be an healthy variety of ethnic food in the world.

about-imgTrying Korean food for the first time?
Try these popular dishes including Soft Tofu Soup, Bibimbap, Dumpling Soup, Galbi, and Bulgogi!

Please feel free to ask our servers for recommendations in case you have food allergies or certain preferences.