Korea’s Summertime Cold Noodle

When you’re looking for a good, authentic Korean dish to enjoy during the hot summer months, you can’t go wrong with naengmyeon. The traditional Korean cold noodle, this dish is popular throughout the country for when the weather turns warm.

The naengmyeon noodle is usually made with buckwheat flour, with a bit of wheat flour and sweet potato starch mixed in. These latter two ingredients give the final product a chewier texture than you will find in soba. Chefs will cook such noodles in a tangy, cold broth, traditionally with ingredients that may include cucumbers, Asian pear, boiled egg, thinly slices of beef, mustard sauce, and vinegar. It’s a cool, refreshing dish for when the heat becomes oppressive.

At our University District Korean restaurant, you can enjoy the great taste of naengmyeon in two forms. Try our regular Korean cold noodles, or our Korean cold noodles with BBQ beef short ribs. Try this summertime favorite for yourself at Gangnam Korean restaurant in Lynnwood today!