Korean Food and Garlic

Benefits of Garlic | Gangnam Korean Restaurant

Bold flavor is one of the trademark of Korean cuisine, which is why you can find garlic in so much of the food at our Lynnwood Korean restaurant. It goes into the kimchi, the marinated barbecue, the soups and stews, giving a little extra kick to the Korean dishes and giving your body a little extra boost to your taste buds and health.

The health benefits of garlic have been recognized worldwide for centuries. Scientific evidence has shown that a garlic cloves can help lower your cholesterol, manage your blood pressure, and guard your cells from damage with powerful antioxidant agents.

Garlic can also serve as a broad-spectrum antibiotic. It can fight off bacterial infections without allowing the bacteria to evolve a resistance to it. This means that garlic can continue to serve you in the fight against disease after certain medications have failed.

Korea’s Summertime Cold Noodle

When you’re looking for a good, authentic Korean dish to enjoy during the hot summer months, you can’t go wrong with naengmyeon. The traditional Korean cold noodle, this dish is popular throughout the country for when the weather turns warm.

The naengmyeon noodle is usually made with buckwheat flour, with a bit of wheat flour and sweet potato starch mixed in. These latter two ingredients give the final product a chewier texture than you will find in soba. Chefs will cook such noodles in a tangy, cold broth, traditionally with ingredients that may include cucumbers, Asian pear, boiled egg, thinly slices of beef, mustard sauce, and vinegar. It’s a cool, refreshing dish for when the heat becomes oppressive.

At our University District Korean restaurant, you can enjoy the great taste of naengmyeon in two forms. Try our regular Korean cold noodles, or our Korean cold noodles with BBQ beef short ribs. Try this summertime favorite for yourself at Gangnam Korean restaurant in Lynnwood today!

Five Reasons to Eat Squid

Nutritional Benefits of Squid

Korea has sustained itself heavily on the bounty of the ocean for many years. It is for this reason that the country has developed a taste for many items that we in the west might not be terribly accustomed to, like the squid.

You can try our spicy stir-fried squid dish at our Lynnwood Korean restaurant, which is a delicious way to reap the following nutritional benefits:

  • Heart Health: Squid is a good source of vitamin B3 and B12, which regulate blood sugar and lower homocysteine levels. It also gives you a good dose of potassium, which is good at countering high blood pressure caused by high sodium levels. This all adds up to a lower risk of stroke, heart disease, and diabetes.
  • Superior Immune System: The zinc in squid is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy immune system.
  • Strong Teeth and Bones: Squid gives you the phosphorus you need to help calcium build up your teeth and skeletal system.
  • Lower Arthritis Risk: Arthritis can be linked to low levels of selenium, which can be found abundantly in squid.
  • Relaxation: Magnesium, a substance commonly used for relaxation, is found in squid. This element helps ease tension in your nerves and muscles. Meanwhile, the vitamin B2 found in squid can help to prevent migraine headaches.

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